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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in a Commercial Environment

By flooringbrisbane - December 5th, 2012, 22:26, Category: General

Commercial and industrial floors are often subject to many different types of abuse. During their day-to-day use, commercial floors have to endure heavy human traffic and sometimes the impact from machines and equipment being moved around the area.

Businesses making extensive use of the floors understand the need for a reliable floor system to minimise damage to the flooring. Using a good flooring system will lessen maintenance and repair costs due to heavy usage.

The use of epoxy coatings Brisbane has been proven to be a good move for commercial and industrial spaces. Here are just some of the benefits that your business can gain from the use of epoxy floors.


Epoxy coatings provide good protection for ordinary concrete, which can easily be soiled by chemicals, oils and grease from equipment. Because concrete is generally porous, any spilt liquid will easily be absorbed by the floor. This makes it really hard to remedy.

When the concrete is treated with an epoxy application, the commercial floor gets a strong layer of protection that repels liquid spillage. Epoxy coatings also act as protective covering against abrasion, which can damage the concrete floor.


Epoxy coatings are highly durable, which makes them ideal to apply on commercial or industrial floors. They are very good to use in spaces that are used for showrooms, heavy equipment, forklifts, trucks and trolleys.

Epoxy coated commercial floors can withstand the load coming from any heavy machinery and the constant traffic typical of a commercial space.

Maintenance Ease

Because of the repellent ability that epoxy has against solvents, chemicals, grease and oils, maintenance has become much easier. Maintenance is a very important consideration for business decision makers as it can hurt the financial health of the company if the maintenance costs are too high.

With epoxy coatings, dirt and grime are easier to remove with light mopping. There will be times when a light solution is needed to remove grime from chemicals and grease-like components that have been spilt on a commercial or industrial floor. Either way, the costs are minimal when it comes to janitorial and maintenance of such flooring systems.

Aesthetics for Less

Despite the simplicity, epoxy floors are aesthetically appealing because of the sheen and seamless appearance. Options are available for different colours and for a non-slip additive to make the floor safer during daily operations.

Epoxy floors allow businesses to achieve a great look for their operation without hurting the budget. Application of epoxy coatings on concrete floors are a very inexpensive way of enhancing the look of the space with a seamless finish. You can learn more about epoxy floors here.

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What It Takes to Maintain Industrial Epoxy Floors

By flooringbrisbane - November 20th, 2012, 18:01, Category: General

Businesses turn to epoxy floors for good reasons. Epoxy floors are perfect for different businesses, including showrooms, warehouses, food factories, hospitals, offices and schools, because they are inexpensive, and in so many ways, are a great alternative to ordinary concrete floors.

Some businesses settle for concrete floors, not realising the disadvantages in using plain concrete. Epoxy floors are favoured for their durability and shiny, flawless appearance, which helps business operations fare better in the market.

Epoxy coatings Brisbane make industrial floors that deal better with dirt, oil and chemicals. With the extra protection, industrial floors are easier to clean and maintain, an advantageous benefit for businesses wanting to cut down capital costs and maintenance expenses.

Recognise the Difference

Concrete is a porous material, so all dirt and chemicals that are spilt on the floor get absorbed. This is not the case with epoxy coated floors. Epoxy coating forms a tough exterior for the concrete floor. Because epoxy is not impervious, it does not absorb the dirt and chemicals spilt on it. The impervious property makes them easier to maintain.

Epoxy floors from Flawless Floors are perfect for businesses looking for a better alternative to ordinary concrete floors. The seamless epoxy coatings offer industrial strength and durability needed for human traffic and the heavy-duty use of the industrial floors. You can learn more about industrial and commercial floor systems by Flawless Floors at its website at

Cleaning Epoxy Floors

Industrial epoxy floors require easy cleaning, not like ordinary concrete floors. Because there is no seepage of dirt into the floor systems, all the dirt accumulates only on the surface. But once the dirt starts to accumulate, effective cleaning is required.

Usually, the dirt can come out of the surface easily with the sweep of a broom or a soft mop. If chemicals have spilt on the epoxy floor and the spill has been there for quite some time, the cleaning process would require additional help.

For stubborn grime and stains, what you will need is a mix of cleaning solution formulated specifically for epoxy coated floors. Remember to use a cleaning solution that is not too strong such that it damages the epoxy coating. You can do a test on a small, inconspicuous part of the floor to see if the solution is safe to use. After mopping the floor, rinse it with water to remove any cleaning solution residue.

Cleaning an industrial epoxy coated floor should be simple and easy. Because of the tough exterior, epoxy floors are highly resistant to dirt and grime. But in cases of stubborn stain, you can count on mild cleaning to do the trick.


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Enhance Your Garage with Epoxy Coatings

By flooringbrisbane - November 5th, 2012, 19:33, Category: General

In a typical household, the garage is usually not considered in the home's design. Garages are commonly covered with concrete, defined by walls and have a garage door for opening, and that’s it. The garage is meant to be functional, a parking space to secure the vehicle. But your garage need not be a design disaster. It can be functional and still be stylish.
 A great way to improve the look of your garage and still maintain its functionality is the use of epoxy seamless flooring on top of the concrete. Brisbane Epoxy flooring can transform your regular garage into a sophisticated-looking area.
 What Is Epoxy Seamless Flooring? 
 Epoxy Seamless Flooring is the result of using epoxy and polyurethane coatings to cover the concrete floor. The application involves a preliminary step of clearing the concrete of any bumps and fixing cracks and holes. The floor may also undergo diamond grinding to remove any contamination due to grease, oil or chemicals.
 After the preparation, a layer of epoxy resin base is applied to the floor. The homeowner is free to choose from any colours available and may even add flakes or additives to the epoxy resin mix. The application takes only a few days for the entire process to be completed.  
 Epoxy Flooring Benefits
 Epoxy Seamless Flooring can make your garage look extraordinary and more appealing, a big leap from the boring and dull appearance of ordinary concrete floors.Epoxy Seamless Flooring can be used in other parts of the house, including the patio, the entertainment room, rumpus and pathways. However, Epoxy Seamless Flooring is even more appropriate to use in home garages for many reasons.
 Using Epoxy Seamless Flooring gives you ease of maintenance. Furthermore, because epoxy serves as a great floor covering, it can effectively protect the floor from chemicals and substances that normally seep into concrete. With ordinary concrete floors, grease, oil and other substances used in cars can easily drop onto the floor. Because they are quite porous, concrete floors are vulnerable to contamination from such substances.
 Covering your garage with Epoxy Seamless Flooring makes it resistant to dirt and stain caused by grease, oils and other chemical spills. Epoxy Seamless Flooring are also easy to clean. With a light mopping of the floor, you can get rid of the dirt and sticky substances that may have dropped onto the Polyurethane Coatings.
 The aesthetic appeal of the Epoxy Seamless Flooring is the added bonus you get when using this for your garage flooring. The floor gets a seamless, shiny look that makes it look like an expensive floor, when in fact this floor application is more affordable than floor tiles.
 Epoxy Seamless Flooring  marries aesthetic appeal with function. Application of epoxy flooring in the garage can make your life easier while saving you a lot of money in the long run. Domestic garages are the most sought after Epoxy Seamless Flooring applications for there easy clean and low maintenance with UV Polyurethane Top Coatings. Learn more about polished concrete here.

Things to Consider When Choosing Industrial Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - October 14th, 2012, 18:50, Category: General

Industrial floors are built not so much for their aesthetic appeal, but more for their functionality. In choosing the right type of industrial floors, toughness, durability and versatility are among the properties that should be considered. Industrial floors are often exposed to chemicals, solvents, grease and oil. These substances are very hard to remove, especially if the flooring used is plain and porous concrete.

Ease in maintenance is among the criteria that you will need to factor in when choosing industrial and
commercial flooring Ipswich. Because people would be busy with other heavier tasks, it would be good to have flooring that will not require a lot of cleaning. Avoid using plain concrete floors if you are working with greasy substances. Concrete is porous so chemicals are sure to seep deep into the concrete floor and would be nightmare to remove. The industrial floor needs hygienic and non-porous protective covering that will be easy to clean whenever there is spillage.

Durability is another important factor to consider when installing industrial floors. Because of the usually heavy operations on industrial floors, they need to be built with high durability. Find a flooring material that can withstand heavy equipment usage. The material should be heavy duty as well so that it will last long to avoid costly maintenance and floor repairs. Floors made of epoxy coats are very ideal for industrial use mainly because of their durability.

Functionality is very important to consider as well. Think of the materials that will be handled in the industrial operation. If there are chances of grease, oil or water spilling on the floors, there is that danger that the floor could get slippery and might cause accidents. Using rubber floors would protect workers from slips and falls, but these floors are not very good in repelling spills, so they would be difficult to clean and maintain. Tile floors may look nice, but they can be very slippery and therefore dangerous if you are using grease, oil and water in your industrial operation. 100% Epoxy Solids with a non-slip additive is ideal to use for operations that require non-slip floors.

Price should also be considered when installing industrial floors. You would not want your floors to take a huge part of your capital and operational costs. Look for industrial floor installation that is cost effective. Again, maintenance costs is where you can save a lot of money, so choosing a low maintenance type of flooring would help you a lot in your finances. Low maintenance will cut labour costs and will also do away with frequent repairs and replacements.

Protecting Floors with Epoxy Coating

By flooringbrisbane - October 8th, 2012, 19:13, Category: General

Concrete floors get extra attractive when applied with good epoxy resin finishing. Additionally, using epoxy floor coating for domestic, commercial or industrial floors provides some beneficial functions. Epoxy coating adds durability to the floor and also gives excellent protection to the concrete floor.

Epoxy coating makes use of resin that has properties of high durability and glossy finish. Epoxy resin is ideal for waterproofing the floor as it effectively acts as a seal to the floor. Epoxy coating used for polished concrete is also effective in keeping the floor dust proof and resistant to grease, oil, solvents and chemicals, thus making it ideal for use in commercial or industrial flooring Brisbane. Epoxy coating has found many uses in commercial and industrial operations. The resin is ideal to use in commercial kitchens and food production facilities because of the protective covering it gives the floor surface, thereby preventing seepage of dirt into the floor. In domestic areas, epoxy coating is good to use in garages, which are usually subjected to greasy dirt from the vehicles. It is also good to use for floorings in rumpus rooms, patios, walkways and entertainment areas. The dirt resistant property of epoxy resin makes it a good flooring material for home areas and facilities that require strict hygiene standards.

Ordinary concrete floors can easily be contaminated with dirt and chemicals because it is still porous. Covering concrete with epoxy resin gives the floor a finish that is hard and durable enough to repel dirt and chemicals. Epoxy floorings are also protected from dirt as cleaning is made easier with easy mopping. The hard coating also acts as effective waterproofing for the floor surface.

Epoxy coating is applied on concrete floors after the floor has been prepared with diamond grinding and cracks and holes on the floors have been repaired. A basecoat of epoxy resin is applied to the floor, followed by an application of polyurethane to seal the epoxy resin. The epoxy resin can be used to fix any cracks or small holes that may be present on the floor surface. Additives can be added to the mixture to make the floor a non-slip polished concrete type that is safe to use even by children. Typically, epoxy coatings can dry up in as short as 24 hours, but the drying time could be longer depending on the thickness of the epoxy mixture. What results is an attractive glossy looking floor that has long lifespan because of the durability of the epoxy coating.

Industrial Floors Get Better with Flawless Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - October 2nd, 2012, 22:57, Category: General

Industrial businesses tend to pay less attention to the look of their interiors than the functions that they provide. Much less attention is even given to floors in industrial operations such as heavy duty businesses, but because of the demanding maintenance involved in cleaning industrial floors, this has attitude been changing. Flawless Flooring provides just the perfect answer and solution for industrial flooring Brisbane to attain significant productivity and efficiency in industrial operations. 

Flawless Flooring specialises in polished concrete flooring for household, commercial and industrial purposes. The company’s floor solutions are seen perfect for industrial operations, which typically deal with a lot of heavy usage, from the equipment being used to the daily traffic in the facility. The company’s polished concrete solution is deemed to be a better alternative to ordinary concrete or floor tiles, which may not be durable enough for the kind of heavy usage in industrial operations. 

Flawless Flooring boasts flooring solutions using epoxy-based coatings that work best for heavy machineries such as forklifts, trucks and trolleys. The number one problem of heavy machinery industry facilities is the mess that result from day to day operation. Ordinary concrete floors are quite porous so dirt and grease can seep into them. Polished concrete is perfect for industrial businesses as they are built to repel any type of dirt. 

Investing in epoxy flooring helps heavy industries attain significant cost savings in maintenance. Flawless Flooring’s industrial flooring solutions are easy to maintain with an easy mop, making them perfect for a busy operation that would rather prefer to focus on the business productivity. Because there is no need to hire extra people for janitorial tasks, the business realises substantial cost efficiency. 

The epoxy coating applied on ordinary concrete makes the industrial flooring last longer, thanks to the durable properties of epoxy and polyurethane used in Flawless Flooring’s seamless floors. Epoxy coated polished concrete are expected to last for more than 2 decades. 

Flawless Flooring  is driven to provide exceptional products to its customers by providing value to domestic, commercial or industrial floors. The company prides itself in being able to respond to varying flooring needs.

Flawless Flooring Works for Perfection

By flooringbrisbane - September 25th, 2012, 21:04, Category: General

Flawless Flooring brings seamless epoxy floors to a whole new level as it aim for perfection in its every work. Whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use, Flawless Flooring’s concrete flooring finishes endure successfully through the test of time. 

Seamless flooring’s difference from regular concrete flooring is immense, as some satisfied customers have already attested. Peter Hartley, owner of Turley Car and Truck, installed the company’s seamless floors in some of the floors of his business and home. “Both places were affected in the flood and the only floors that survived were the seamless floors,” expressed Hartley. 

Flawless Flooring’s seamless flooring is ideal for application in garages, entertainment areas, patios, driveways and rumpus rooms in the home. For commercial floor coverings or industrial applications, seamless floors work best for showrooms, retail stores, kitchens or food preparation facilities. The epoxy floors from Flawless Flooring also work well for industrial floor finishing for forklifts, semi-trailers and other heavy machineries, thanks to the easy to clean finish that prevents oil, grease and dirt from penetrating the floor system. 

Flawless Flooring, based in Ipswich / Brisbane, provides seamless floorings, which make use of epoxy resin basecoat and polyurethane sealer. Customers have the option to incorporate non-slip additive to the resin for particular purposes. The company’s flooring system boasts durable properties allowing them to withstand harsh exposure to heavy usage and even submersion in flood water. 

The O’Connor Family Company only has positive things to say about Flawless Flooring’s seamless floors. “Our experience with having got our concrete areas treated with the Flawless Flooring product is a real asset easy to keep clean and very durable. After being in the floods this product came through faultless with easy cleaning,” attested the O’Connor Family Company. 

The company also offers polished concrete designed to dress up ordinary and boring concrete flooring. Unlike regular concrete, Flawless Flooring’s floor systems provide tough protection to the floor, preventing the seepage and accumulation of dirt, oil, grease and harmful chemicals into the floor. With a pre-treatment of the existing concrete floor through diamond grinding, ordinary floors can be turned into glossy floors that look clean and sophisticated. 

Flawless Flooring’s seamless concrete products are used in home garages 90% of the time. The seamless floors not only provide a decorative purpose to domestic and 
commercial flooring Brisbane by covering imperfections in the concrete. They also provide cost efficiency and labour advantages because of the easy maintenance requirements.

Flawless Floors Add Value to Your Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - September 13th, 2012, 1:27, Category: General

Flawless Flooring presents flooring solutions that bring added value to to domestic, commercial and industrial floors. Boasting high durability and easy maintenance, Flawless Flooring's epoxy flooring are deemed ideal for operations of heavy usage and floors exposed to dirt, chemicals, grease and solvents.

Available in a wide array of colours and textures, the company's seamless flooring solutions are applicable to any floor types. “We can add value, style and look to any surface no matter how big or small,” said the company, which has been servicing the the areas of Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW for more than 30 years now. 

The company's 
epoxy flooring Brisbane solutions are recommended for use in homes, in patios, garages, entertainment rooms and rumpus areas. Deemed non-toxic and safe for children, flawless polished concrete can be safely applied to children's playrooms as well. In domestic garages, epoxy coated floors perform better than regular concrete floors as they are easier to clean and maintain, and can repel oil and grease that are usually the main problems in garages. Domestic floors benefit from the added value as epoxy roll coats provide a decorative, glossy and clean finish to the floor area. Additional benefits include excellent durability and easy maintenance. 

Flawless Flooring's seamless epoxy coatings are ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings for the added value they provide the operations. Touting low maintenance and durability, epoxy floorings bring significant cost savings to businesses and industries due to the lower labour required for janitorial maintenance. They are highly recommended for use in showrooms or storage areas for heavy machineries, trucks, forklifts and trolleys since they are highly resistant to dirt, solvents, grease, oil, and chemicals coming from the heavy machines. 

Seamless flooring solutions from Flawless Floorings  likewise bring significant benefits to commercial establishments dealing with heavy human traffic. Polished floors perform well in commercial kitchens and food preparation factories that require high standards in hygiene and cleanliness. Users can take advantage of the easy cleaning process needed to maintain epoxy coated floorings. 

The company believes its epoxy flooring solution are a better alternative to concrete floors. “Seamless Flooring is a great way to cover up nasty imperfections in concrete,” according to the company. Epoxy coatings are best for face-lifting concrete flooring, especially those that have peeling and lifting paint. Epoxy roll coats, which can be incorporated with non-slip additives for added safety measures, are also perfect to use to repair cracks on existing concrete floors.

Alternatives to Conventional Concrete Flooring

By flooringbrisbane - August 28th, 2012, 20:12, Category: General

Dull and boring are the most common descriptions we have for ordinary concrete floors. They always look unfinished, and in most cases, ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring are installed to give them a better look. But there are other alternatives to plain old concrete aside from tile finishes. These choices are good to consider, whether it is for a new home or a renovation. Although less common, polished concrete flooring is one good way to give your concrete floors a different, yet stylish look.

Why not buck the trend of regular tile? For a flawless look, you can try a polished concrete Brisbane finish to your floors. This type of flooring does away with grouts that usually go with tile installation. Instead, what you get is a continuous flow of shiny finish to the otherwise dull and rough concrete. Polished concrete is perfect for areas of the house where you want to avoid stains from oil, grease and dust because they are highly resistant to these types of stains. For areas such as garages and kitchens, polished concrete would work very well.

To implement a polished concrete to an area of the room, you will need to contract with a specialist in polished concrete floorings. The concrete floors will be treated and evened out during the process. Several layers of epoxy coatings will then be rolled onto the surface for a seamless finish. You can choose the right colour or polished concrete texture to match the overall style of the interior. Polished concrete is also the best treatment to choose if you are looking for environmentally friendly solutions. There are no toxic chemicals involved in using polished concrete for your floors, so you can be assured that the children are safe to roam around that place.

Other alternatives to ordinary concrete floors include concrete acid staining and concrete painting. These treatments can bring forth unique looks for the concrete. You can play with the colours to use on the floor. Acid staining can provide a marble like effect to the flooring, but it is very tricky to implement. You have to be sure to know what you are doing before using this as making a mistake could totally ruin the process and the floor. Concrete painting is an easier option, but one has to make sure to buy good quality paints to bring out good results.

There are many options for treating concrete floors without having to buy expensive tile flooring products. It would be good to deviate from the usual and try options such as acid staining, painting or concrete polishing for a unique and flawlessly shiny look.

Benefits of Polished Concrete in Commercial Areas

By flooringbrisbane - August 9th, 2012, 18:07, Category: General

Commercial and industrial buildings can benefit much from high quality flooring material. Using granite or marble floors will certainly enhance the appearance of a commercial area, which could translate to better sales. But these flooring materials are very expensive and may not be practical for a business operation, particularly if you are still in the stage of trying to make a profit from your industrial or commercial operation. Applying polished concrete to regular concrete is a good alternative to expensive flooring materials. They bring about a clean, shiny look to the floors, thereby improving the chances for success of the commercial or industrial business.

Industrial flooring for various uses such as food manufacturing, warehouses can become low maintenance and attractive to users and customers. 
Industrial flooring Brisbane can be improved with the use of polished concrete treatment to industrial areas. Polished concrete is ideal to use for industrial floors as they are highly resistant to grease, oil or dirt, providing essential cost savings in cleaning and maintenance. This is particularly true in hangars and garages that often experience heavy traffic and are exposed to vehicular dirt. This is also true for food manufacturing facilities, which need to abide by stringent cleanliness standards. 

Polished concrete is significantly less expensive than using tile or natural stone flooring, but gives similar effect and function. Low maintenance is one of the prime benefits of polished concrete when applied to different commercial and industrial applications, including food processing, showrooms, warehouses and manufacturing operations. Polished concrete remain clean and the shiny exterior able to withstand and resist grease and dirt that are very common in industrial and commercial areas. 

The shiny look and clean appearance of commercial polished concrete help improve the business prospects of commercial establishments. Polished concrete helps improve sales and net revenues if used in showrooms to display products for sale. Retail shops would also benefit from the use of polished concrete as it can withstand constant movement of shopping carts, which can scratch and damage floorings. Hotels and similar establishments can improve their financial standing if they use polished concrete along with other more expensive natural stone floorings. Easy sweeping of the concrete floors can significantly bring down maintenance costs for said facilities. 

Commercial and industrial facilities can gain many benefits from the use polished concrete as alternative to traditional floor types. Even as they give an impeccable appearance to the floor, polished concrete is also effective in staying clean through heavy usage, thus bringing down the maintenance cost of any operation.

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