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What It Takes to Maintain Industrial Epoxy Floors

By flooringbrisbane - November 20th, 2012, 18:01, Category: General

Businesses turn to epoxy floors for good reasons. Epoxy floors are perfect for different businesses, including showrooms, warehouses, food factories, hospitals, offices and schools, because they are inexpensive, and in so many ways, are a great alternative to ordinary concrete floors.

Some businesses settle for concrete floors, not realising the disadvantages in using plain concrete. Epoxy floors are favoured for their durability and shiny, flawless appearance, which helps business operations fare better in the market.

Epoxy coatings Brisbane make industrial floors that deal better with dirt, oil and chemicals. With the extra protection, industrial floors are easier to clean and maintain, an advantageous benefit for businesses wanting to cut down capital costs and maintenance expenses.

Recognise the Difference

Concrete is a porous material, so all dirt and chemicals that are spilt on the floor get absorbed. This is not the case with epoxy coated floors. Epoxy coating forms a tough exterior for the concrete floor. Because epoxy is not impervious, it does not absorb the dirt and chemicals spilt on it. The impervious property makes them easier to maintain.

Epoxy floors from Flawless Floors are perfect for businesses looking for a better alternative to ordinary concrete floors. The seamless epoxy coatings offer industrial strength and durability needed for human traffic and the heavy-duty use of the industrial floors. You can learn more about industrial and commercial floor systems by Flawless Floors at its website at

Cleaning Epoxy Floors

Industrial epoxy floors require easy cleaning, not like ordinary concrete floors. Because there is no seepage of dirt into the floor systems, all the dirt accumulates only on the surface. But once the dirt starts to accumulate, effective cleaning is required.

Usually, the dirt can come out of the surface easily with the sweep of a broom or a soft mop. If chemicals have spilt on the epoxy floor and the spill has been there for quite some time, the cleaning process would require additional help.

For stubborn grime and stains, what you will need is a mix of cleaning solution formulated specifically for epoxy coated floors. Remember to use a cleaning solution that is not too strong such that it damages the epoxy coating. You can do a test on a small, inconspicuous part of the floor to see if the solution is safe to use. After mopping the floor, rinse it with water to remove any cleaning solution residue.

Cleaning an industrial epoxy coated floor should be simple and easy. Because of the tough exterior, epoxy floors are highly resistant to dirt and grime. But in cases of stubborn stain, you can count on mild cleaning to do the trick.


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